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Already own a FIAT® 500 Abarth?

Fiat of Huntsville is pleased to introduce you to the Abarth Track Experience, a one-day performance adventure for FIAT® 500 Abarth owners that have purchased within the last year. This event offers professional driving instruction sessions designed to maximize your driving skills on the street, strip or track. You will pilot cars from a fleet of FIAT 500 Abarths that are provided specifically for the Track Experience, and put their track-tuned components to the test. Each program consists of four driving modules tailored to the facility. Modules include Autocross, Head-to-Head Challenge, Driving Dynamics and Performance Drive. The Abarth Track Experience will culminate with you riding shotgun as our professional drivers push our Abarth vehicles to the limit.

Receive this one-day session as part of the purchase price of your new vehicle, as long as you register for your Abarth Experience within 1 year of your purchase date. You may also sign up a driving guest to attend with you for $500, or a non-driving spectator for $100. So click below to view event dates and locations near you, and to register online today.

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Owners: No Charge

(included w/ vehicle purchase price within 1 year of purchase date)
Driving Owner Guests:  $500

Non-Driving Owner Guests: $100

Non-Abarth Owners:

Not Available at this time

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